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Dershowitz: Zionist liar par exellance
Dershowitz: Zionist liar par exellance
Alan Dershowitz, the American Zionist fanatic, is notorious for his brashly racist views about just anything non-Jewish.
Saturday, December 4,2010 15:33
by Khalid Amayreh PIC&Ikhwanweb

 Alan Dershowitz, the American Zionist fanatic, is notorious for his brashly racist views about just anything non-Jewish. For example, he is against Muslim immigrants to Europe because their dietary habits don't suite his taste. He wholeheartedly supports the rampant terror, criminality and vandalism perpetrated by Judeo-Nazi thugs in the West Bank, otherwise known as Jewish settlers,   against helpless Palestinian farmers and peasants.
Dershowitz is also fully supportive of Israel's criminal and murderous policies, and practices including raining White phosphorous on Gaza children and dropping 2-3 million cluster bomblets on Lebanon during Israel's evil aggression against that small country in 2006.
Dershowitz, like other Zionist supremacists, is against Nazi-like practices but only if done by non-Jews. However, when such practices are done by Jews, e.g. Israel, he employs all his intellectual energy to defend the criminals.
In recent years, an obviously mentally-disturbed Dershowitz has threatened to sue anyone criticizing   Israel's manifestly criminal and Nazi-like Behavior such as murdering, knowingly and deliberately, innocent Palestinian civilians, e.g. entire families.
In his latest screed, published in the jingoistic Jerusalem Post on 1 December, the supremacist Zionist claims that there will be no peace in the Middle East if Iran gets the bomb.
Well, we all know that in the Zionist lexicon the word "peace" connotes total surrender of Israel's victims.
"Peace will prevail only when our enemies grovel before our feet," said Zionist general Michael Eitan.
Perhaps, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is more diplomatic. He wouldn't use the same words. But in his speech at the interdisciplinary institute in Herzlia last year, Netanyahu said Israel would have to be in tight control of the borders, border crossings, air space, territorial waters and magnetic fields of any prospective Palestinian state.
Netanyahu also said that the would-be Palestinian entity would have no right to forge treaties with other states and that it would have to be completely demilitarized.
Now, one doesn't have to be an authority on the English language to understand that both Eitan and Netanyahu were saying essentially the same thing, namely total Palestinian surrender to the whims of Jewish Nazism or, more correctly, Zio-Nazism.
Completely oblivious of Israel's huge nuclear arsenal, Dershowitz in his infinitely dishonest discourse treats Iran as a nuclear power that is hell bent on incinerating Israel.
He ignores that fact that Iran is only having a nuclear program, that it denies any intention to manufacture nuclear weapons, and that it asserted ad nauseam that it wouldn't never ever attack other nations unless it was first attacked.
So what is Iran supposed to do to soothe Israel's collective anxiety, phobias, and psychosis? Indoctrinate every Iranian man, woman and child in Shulhan Aruch and Hatanya? Or recite Shemaa' Yisrael in all Mosques from Mashhad to Shiraz to instill a modicum of serenity in the hearts of self-absorbed Zionists in occupied Palestine? Or perhaps get all Iranian Ulema to hold a special meeting in Qum to officiate and bless Ovadia Yosef's latest fatwa that all non-Jews are effectively animals of burden whom the Almighty created solely and purposely to serve the Master Race or Chosen people as water carriers and wood hewers?
The notorious American Jewish liar keeps up his hallucination, thinking that people out there are idiots or imbeciles or at least lack the same level of Jewish 'genius.'
"Even if Israel freezes settlement building, the Palestinians come to the negotiating table and an agreement is reached about borders, refugees and Jerusalem, there will still be no real peace in the Middle East-if Iran continues on its determined path toward developing nuclear weapons."
Well, first of all, Israel has had more than 43 years without the supposedly "nuclear threat" from Iran. During that long period, Israel could have easily reached peace with its neighbors. However, instead of doing so, successive Israeli governments opted to build dozens of hateful colonies on occupied Arab land and transfer hundreds of thousands of fanatical settlers to live on land that belongs to another people.
Even the Nazis, when they occupied Paris, they didn't seek to Germanize the French capital as Israel has been doing in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.
So, would this deranged liar-lawyer who thinks that with his "exceptional and superb" Jewish intellect, he could subdue the entire world into stunning silence, would he think that a country that builds settlements and transfers its citizens to live on stolen land is really interested in peace?
Who does this paragon of mendacity and racism think he is anyway?
The truth of the matter is that the hateful entity called Israel is not interested in real peace with the Palestinians.
In the 1960s, Israel called Gamal Abdul Nasser the Hitler of the Nile and claimed that there could be no peace as long as Nasser remained alive.
During the Saddam Hussein era, the same kind of propaganda was disseminated rather widely.
Then the same method was used with Yasser Arafat, whom the shipyard dogs of Zionism, people like Dershowitz called Adolph Arafat, giving a pornographically false impression that the pitiful victims of Israeli Nazism, who spent half of their time languishing under dehumanizing military curfews while spending the other half standing in long humiliating queues at Israeli checkpoints and roadblocks, were trying to finish what the Nazis started.!!
You see how these nefarious Zionists are fornicating with words?
And now, they are coming up with another pornographic lie, telling the West, including an increasingly disoriented America that Iran must be destroyed in order to give peace between Israel and the Palestinians a real chance.
God knows what other lies and pretexts and red herrings  these nefarious liars  will concoct in the future, all for the purpose of evading peace or more correctly avoiding the price of peace, namely returning stolen land to its  rightful proprietors.
Well, if eliminating Iran's nuclear program is a sine-qua-non for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, then to hell with this peace, because in the absence of any genuine Arab or Muslim power, Israel will feel no obligation to return occupied lands to rightful owners.
In fact, an Iranian nuclear capability should be a welcomed prospect to counter and deter Israeli hegemony, insolence and aggression.
This is especially so given the fact that Israel is moving threateningly toward fascism and religious genocidalism, with a majority of Israeli Jews advocating expulsion and deportation for non-Jews.
Would it be a good idea to have Israel's 200-300 nuclear heads at the disposal of Nazi-minded figures and groups such as Ovadia Yosef, Gush Emunim, or National Union, people who don't see anything particularly wrong with murdering non-Jews since their lives have no sanctity.?
As to the claim that Arabs support military action against Iran, as alleged by the Wikileaks,  it is a brazen lie. True, undignified Arab tyrants and despots who are answerable to their masters in Washington (but not to their own people) would sell their souls to the devil in order to remain in power.
But the Arab masses would never ever accept an American-Zionist aggression against a fellow Muslim country.
And those who would should be treated as they would be treated everywhere, like scum, vermin and dirty animals of the lowest kind.

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