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Six MB Members Arrested in Minya and Five More in Cairo in Pre-Election Raid‏
Six MB Members Arrested in Minya and Five More in Cairo in Pre-Election Raid‏
Six MB Members Arrested in Minya and Five More in Cairo in Pre-Election Raid.
Friday, November 26,2010 20:58

 Six MB Members Arrested in Minya and Five More in Cairo in Pre-Election Raid
 Mass arrests across the country were reported today as Egyptian security forces made dawn raids on the houses of 7 MB candidates, arresting 5 in the governorate of Al-Minya in Upper Egypt.

In Samalut where Abdul Rahim Abdul Salam is the MB candidate, security forces raided the house of Imran Ashour but did not find him there, so they took his brother as hostage until he turned himself in.

Security forces also raided the house of another MB supporter, scattering the contents of the house.

Security forces also conducted raids in Cairo at dawn today, resulting in the arrest of 5 people campaigning for MB candidates.

In Al-Marag MB MP Magdi Ashour’s, supporter Dr Mohamed Al-Hassan was arrested by Egyptian security forces.

Two supporters of the MB candidate for Ain Shams and Al-Mattaria, Sayed Jadallah, were also detained. Arrests and crack downs were repeated in Nasr City, as police detained supporters of MB candidates: MP Essam Mokhtar and the group's candidate for the women's quota, Manal Abu Al- Hassan.

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