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Islamophobia Discussed by US Panel
Islamophobia Discussed by US Panel
The University of Iowa Center for Human Rights, the UI Muslim Student Association, and UI International Programs organized a conference to discuss cooperation among faiths and how to surmount stereotypes of Muslims in an effort to eliminate the wide use of the term Islamophobia.
Wednesday, November 17,2010 15:22

The University of Iowa (UI) Center for Human Rights, the UI Muslim Student Association, and UI International Programs organized a conference to discuss cooperation among faiths and ideas on how to surmount stereotypying of Muslims in an effort to eliminate the wide use of the term 'Islamophobia'.

According to Miriam Amer, the executive director of the Iowa Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Islamophobia is a modern term that is used depicting not only fear but evident prejudice.

Kelsey Kramer, staff member at the UI Center for Human Rights, maintained that the center attempted to keep up to date on discussions regarding human rights issues noting that the Islamophobia phenomenon appears to be on top of the list.

He asserted that the incident with Terry Jones who threatened to burn the Qu`ran and the controversy over proposed plans to build an Islamic community center near Ground Zero in New York, was widely discussed.

The Imam of the Mosque in Cedar Rapids, Taha Atta Tawil, ascertained that speaking with college students gave him and his fellow panelists the opportunity to inform future leaders of the nation about brotherhood. He added that their chief mission was to plant the seed of love and compassion.

According to reports, physical and verbal abuse against Muslims are on the rise illustrating the existence and increase of Islamophobia.

Amer noted that Muslims do have constitutional rights, and that they are going to protect them; however,  he stated that the US is not alone in this issue stressing that fear of Islam has become more prevalent since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
According to UI law professor, Adrien Wing, one of the panelists, there are indications of a global trend in anti-Muslim activity after studying Muslim-related human rights issues for 30 years. Wing said the UI campus encouraged students to take classes with the intention of better understanding Islam through studying abroad, learning Arabic, or taking classes on the culture.

UI senior, Bushra Tayh, attributed the nationwide fear and hatred to the media.
Amer ended the conference saying that there was no denial that there are extremists but he added that extremists exist in all faiths asserting that the Muslims are one-fifth of the world's population and must not be held accountable for the actions of a handful.

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Eliminate the sense of Islamophobia Adis El-Merbawiy 2010
Indeed, the world does know that this term - ISLAMOPHOBIA - has been coining loudly by the western propagandist where the clear aim was to eliminate the influences of Islam not Muslims upon the recent developments over Western and European civilization regarding to revisiting the religious as a modern reference to modern men for their in coming future life. Further more when many European and American people revert to Islam as their modern religion, it must be an uneasiness to the world grand political designers (who's the characters has been known). By Media manipulating and political lobbying, they pursuit that "Islamophobia" was a very successful medium to deter and distance the Europeans from Islam and the Muslims. I referred to the revert Muslims like Von Ridley, Youseff Islam, Terry Henry (soccer) and many more to enlist..that they had reveled about Islam otherwise..no more Islamophobic sense and miserable terms had been used. They believed in Islam in such certainty. SO, DO NOT FEEL ISLAMOPHOBIC ANY MORE. LET'S STUDY ISLAMIC TEACHINGS RATHER THAN DISTRIBUTING MANY RUMORS...TQ
Friday, November 19,2010 04:07
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