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Sawaseya denounces regime's discrimination
Sawaseya denounces regime's discrimination
Sawaseya Centre for Human Rights and Anti Discrimination denounced discriminations made by the ruling party against electorates and the abduction of supporters of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidates in Kafr el-Zayat.
Thursday, November 11,2010 11:43



Sawaseya Centre for Human Rights and Anti Discrimination denounced discriminations made by the ruling party against electorates and the abduction of supporters of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidates in Kafr el-Zayat. They also criticized them being tortured and dragged on the ground and putting illegal obstacles in the way of Dr Mohamed Saad el-Katatni, head of the MB Parliamentary Bloc, as some committees refused to receive his papers unless he provides documents proving that he is not prevented from practicing his political rights and presents the electronic birth certificate of his father, even though he is a member of parliament.

Some committees make it difficult for voters to cast their vote such as those in governorates like Fayoum, Minya, Souhag and Alexandria. They also slow down the voting process to make voters miss the opportunities to cast their votes for two consecutive days.

Some candidates submitted complaints to the Supreme Committee on Elections and the Minister of Interior concerning the slow process of having their papers accepted and submitting them to the competent committee. Sawaseya Centre stressed that the state of chaos and disorder led some to be unable to submit their papers, which is illegal.

Sawaseya Centre pointed out that the slow process in accepting candidates' papers and refusing to give voters the initials of candidates in Kafr el-Sheikh and Beheira governorates as well as closing the place at 1 pm while there is a huge number of voters waiting to vote, and stating that the decision of the Interior Ministry to close voting centres at 5pm does not apply to them but to other governorates, is illegal and is against the announcement of the Supreme Committee for Elections to make elections easy for voters to participate.



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