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Jordan's MB: Reform requires public pressure
Jordan's MB: Reform requires public pressure
Jordan is currently witnessing the run up to elections for parliament amid boycotts by the popular Islamist group and Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front.
Thursday, November 4,2010 21:49

 Jordan is currently witnessing the run up to elections for parliament amid boycotts by the popular Islamist group and Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front.

The Muslim brotherhood's political arm in Jordan emphasizes that reform will only come about through popular demand and public pressure. According to the group's Secretary General Hamza Mansour the regime shows no intention for real reform and public pressure is necessary to push decision makers for reform.

He added that he believed "The lower house of parliament is no longer the right means to achieve reform because it will work in line with the law that will create it.

Apparently the government will face little challenge in the elections slated for November 9 after the MB opposition pulled out since an overwhelming majority of the candidates, are close to the regime.

A boycott was ordered by the IAF leaders in protest at the constituency boundaries set for the polls, which it stresses over-represents rural areas regarded loyal to the government at the expense of urban areas regarded as Islamist strongholds. Efforts by Jordan's Prime Minister, Samir Rifai, to convince the party to field candidates despite the law failed to secure a change of heart.

Senate president Taher Masri underscored that the Islamists boycott means that the country is heading for a parliament without organised opposition.

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