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MB confirms using their slogan - Islam is the solution
MB confirms using their slogan - Islam is the solution
As elections near papers monitor the run up reporting the political opposition's activities.
Tuesday, November 2,2010 22:54

 As elections near papers monitor the run up reporting the political opposition's activities.
An article in the independent Al Shorouq newspaper cites that the Muslim Brotherhood confirmed it intends to follow through and raise the controversial slogan 'Islam is the solution'.
According to PA Speaker Ahmed Fathi Sorour the ban on religiously-based political activity will weaken the Brotherhood’s chances in this year’s elections. He ascertained that the religious slogan violates Article 5 of the Constitution accusing it of “tricking” voters, quoting Marx that religion is the "opium of the masses," despite court rulings.
Privately-owned Youm 7's had an article written by, Essam Ismail which falsely accused  the Muslim Brotherhood of overpowering the National Association for Change, using it as a vehicle for its own political goals.
State-run Rose al-Yousef also reports on the MB activities with the Wafd Party stressing that the Wafd Party’s final slate of candidates reveals to an extent coordination with the MB.
Wafd’s honorary president Mustafa al-Tawil emphasizes that there is no harm in coordinating with the Muslim Brotherhood confirming that is nothing short of a practical arrangement, which aims for parliamentary gains.

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