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MB calls on the nation to combat electoral rigging
MB calls on the nation to combat electoral rigging
Media Spokesmen for the Muslim Brotherhood called on Egyptian citizens from different sects, trends, national, political powers and ideologies to unite.
Sunday, October 10,2010 07:22


Media Spokesmen for the Muslim Brotherhood called on Egyptian citizens from different sects, trends, national, political powers and ideologies to unite.


Dr. Mohamed Morsy, MB media spokesman and a member of the group’s executive bureau asserted that there were various legal and peaceful measures and options for the MB and political opposition trends to adopt in order to end rigging and forgery during elections. Following the press conference in which the group announced its decision regarding elections Morsy maintained that the MB was not solely responsible for ensuring the fairness, transparency and integrity of the elections and ensuring the right of citizens to vote and express their opinions.


He stressed that combating forgery was a constitutional and national duty for all Egyptians, claiming he expected that the 2010 parliamentary elections will bring dramatical changes.


Dr. Mohamed Saad el-Katatni, of the MB Parliamentary bloc, expressed the willingness of the MB to cooperate with all other political powers. He pointed out that the upcoming period is expected to include numerous discussions with other political powers to stand and unite against forging the will of the nation.


Dr. Essam el-Erian, also a member of the MB Executive Bureau, stressed that the MB follows and adheres to the Islamic approach and will defend its national rights chartered in the Constitution. He asserted that the MB will always use “Islam is the Solution” as their motto, not for elections or campaigning but to achieve and apply it in real life adding “we will neither forgo our identity nor change our motto”.


He explained that since the 1984 elections the MB has faced great challenges however they have achieved many successes, stressing that only with the support of the Egyptian people and political powers will there be guarantees for free and fair elections.


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