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Mishaal: Siege on Gaza broken politically and ethically
Mishaal: Siege on Gaza broken politically and ethically
Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas's political bureau, said on Monday that the unjust Israeli blockade on Gaza Strip has actually broken politically and morally, adding that negotiations with the Israelis brought no good to the Palestinian people.
Wednesday, October 6,2010 13:03

DAMASCUS, Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas's political bureau, said on Monday that the unjust Israeli blockade on Gaza Strip has actually broken politically and morally, adding that negotiations with the Israelis brought no good to the Palestinian people.

While speaking to organizers of the Lifeline convoy 5 in the Syrian capital Damascus where leaders of Palestinian factions in Syria also attended, Mishaal stressed, "Indeed, the cause that you are working and struggling for is a just, successful, and victorious cause".

He also opined that the 5-year-old Israeli siege on Gaza Strip was broken politically and morally by virtue of the siege-breaking convoys that visited the Strip over the past five years.

The Hamas leader addressed the convoy organizers, saying, "The siege on Gaza has ended politically and ethically and we are just waiting for breaking it practically at your hands".

"It is true that the continued siege-breaking convoys has achieved two main targets, the first is it has enhanced the steadfastness of the people of Gaza, and the second is it has exposed the true ugly face of the Israeli occupation, and that is why we view the battle of the convoys as a worthy battle," Mishaal underscored.

On the topic of Palestinian reconciliation, Mishaal reiterated his Movement's keenness on achieving the national reconciliation, describing it as strategic for Hamas.

He said that all Palestinian factions must unite on the resistance option, and should agree on a program that would end the occupation and unite all Palestinian factions, underlining that the negotiations with the Zionist entity had brought no good for the Palestinian people over the past two decades since it officially started on 1991.

"The game of negotiation isn’t the Palestinian people game because they are striving to liberate their land and to establish their independent state on their on own land.

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