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Egypt's Pope offers his apology to Muslims
Egypt's Pope offers his apology to Muslims
Pope Shenouda III from Egypt offered an apology in a television interview to Muslims who were offended after his top Bishop Bishoy reportedly disputed the authenticity of some verses of the Quran.
Tuesday, September 28,2010 05:16

Pope Shenouda III from Egypt, offered an apology in a television interview to Muslims who were offended after the secretary of the Holy Synod, Bishop Bishoy, reportedly disputed the authenticity of some verses of the Quran.
Shenouda's apology comes after Al-Azhar criticized the Bishop for provoking sectarian tension. The Bishop described Muslims as guests and questioned the Quran and the time frame of its revelations
Tension between Muslims and Copts is on the rise, lately, over issues like the construction of new churches and bitter arguments over conversions. However, they have normally lived in peace despite clashes and attacks that have taken place.
According to the Associated Press, Shenouda declared;
"Debating religious beliefs is a red line, a deep red line"
 "Maybe they (Bishoy's address) thought this was for priests only and the remarks were not for publication".
"I am sorry if our Muslim brothers' feelings were hurt".
Demonstrations took place on Friday where Thousands of Muslims protested against Bishoy's remarks. Al-Azhar's Islamic research center organized a meeting condemning the statement.
"Such irresponsible statements threaten national unity at a time when it is vital to maintain it," said the statement.
Muslim Brotherhood chairman, Dr. Mohammed Badie, criticized the remarks, while Shenouda urged for calm.
Tensions have been spilling over as Copts and Muslims have been facing numerous issues including the recent conversion of a number of Copts to Islam.

While Christians complain of systematic discrimination by the state, Muslims complain that the Coptic Church is above state law and enjoys protections and safeguards not extended to the society at large.

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No Peace in Middle East MasterC
It is funny that some cant stand intellectual debate but they can accept physical retribution and bloodshed. I doubt if there is a peaceful Islamic nation. Northern Ireland was a region split between factions. However, no one used God for reasons to attack. Egypt and the Arab world is becoming a joke where there is no demcracy. I am a native English speaker and I would appreciate anyone living here should respect the laws and values of our country and not impose the values. I know Egypt was and will forever be a Christian country.
Monday, January 3,2011 04:08
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