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Ultra-orthodox Jews break into the Aqsa Mosque
Ultra-orthodox Jews break into the Aqsa Mosque
130 Jewish extremists stormed into the Aqsa Mosque Monday morning from the Maghareba Gate, accompanied by reinforced Israeli police, local sources said.
Tuesday, September 14,2010 11:53

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, - 130 Jewish extremists stormed into the Aqsa Mosque Monday morning from the Maghareba Gate, accompanied by reinforced Israeli police, local sources said.

Five groups entered through the gate, each group led by a head rabbi, one security guard reported.

The Mosque’s guards monitored the Jews from afar for fear of being arrested as they toured the Mosque’s courtyards and halls.

Israeli police and border guards raided the Aqsa Mosque late Saturday night and arrested a group of Palestinians inside the Mosque.

The troops took down a Palestinian flag and banners congratulating Palestinians over the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holidays

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The "Cats Paw" of America Nobody
In America if you deface a synagogue you will receive 5 years in solitary confinement in a penitentiary. Yet the Jews invade a Mosque like a herd of Swine and you never see mention of it in the American news media? America and the Jews are one and the same! America hates Islam and has declared war on it and it burns the Holy Quran. The real power behind the
Wednesday, September 15,2010 16:07
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