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Cabbie attack and Queens mosque desecration spark religious tolerance debate in America
Cabbie attack and Queens mosque desecration spark religious tolerance debate in America
The recent attack on a New York cab driver and the desecration of a mosque in Queens, gave rise to the Islamophobia issue in the US, fueled by the debate over the controversial building of the Ground Zero Mosque.
Monday, August 30,2010 01:41

The issue is surrounded with skeptism, controversey and contradicting viewpoints. Muslim-Americans have been accused of creating a symbol of Islam by advocating the mosque's construction and  insulting  the families who lost loved ones during the 9/11 attacks.

Analysts conclude that since mid-term elections are nearing, the Republican Party is aiming to fight  to regain majority in the Congress, at a time when the Democtratic President, Barack Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg  said that they supported the right of Muslims to build the centre near the site of the 9/11 attacks.
An article in the New York Times indicated  that the Islamic centre affair has  raised  unexpected reactions. "For many in Europe, where much more bitter struggles have taken place over bans on facial veils in France and minarets in Switzerland , America ’s fight over Park51 seems small fry, essentially a zoning spat in a culture war. But others, especially in countries with nothing similar to the constitutional separation of church and state, find it puzzling that there is any controversy at all. In most Muslim nations, the state not only determines where mosques are built, but what the clerics inside can say. The one constant expressed, regardless of geography, is that even though many in the United States have framed the future of the community center as a pivotal referendum on the core issues of religion, tolerance and free speech, those outside its borders see the debate as a confirmation of their pre-existing feelings about the country, whether good or bad"
While fox news is working hard to promote and inspire  the race-religion struggle, the “Ground Zero Mosque” is nothing more than the war's latest battlefield in the race-religion war. The article confirms that if the channel is successful in advocating their political campaign of hate and fear the whole community will be deprived of the constitutional freedom which was once symbolic of all and anything that was related to America and its freedom of everything reputation highlighting that if fox news wins in promoting hate then everyone loses.
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Ground Zero Laura Man
HEY AMERICAN on YouTube by NYC songwriter David Ippolito - who is a voice of Reason, a troubadour of PEACE Watch. Listen. Think... Check this out now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-dGCVwZdu4
Monday, August 30,2010 02:39
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