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25 Helwan MB Students Dismissed for Full Academic Year
25 Helwan MB Students Dismissed for Full Academic Year
Dr. Abdul Hayy Ebeid, the chairman of Helwan University, dismissed 25 Muslim Brotherhood students from the university for a full academic year. 
Tuesday, January 23,2007 00:00
Dr. Abdul Hayy Ebeid, the chairman of Helwan University, dismissed 25 Muslim Brotherhood students from the university for a full academic year.
“It is unfair and unjust decision” said the students, who were scheduled to appear before disciplinary boards on Wednesday Jan. 17, 2007, about the decision of Dr. Abdul Hayy Ebeid because he denied them access to exams for a full year only because they expressed their opinions and those of their colleagues in choosing those who should represent them according to constitution.
They pointed out that the decision has been issued not only because of the free student union, but also because these students belong to the Muslim Brotherhood group which is considered a real threat to the regime and the National Democratic Party (NDP)’s authoritarian rule and control over the political life in Egypt.
The students said that the University President, being a top member in the NDP ruling party, wants to offer the MB students as a sacrifice to prove his loyalty to the regime who may get satisfied with these actions; if he was dealing with the students as a University President, he would listen to them and would know that they proved they were not in the faculty throughout the first term, and the sanctions wouldn’t have been prepared in advance.
The students decided not to appear before the disciplinary board that will be held next Wednesday Jan., 24, 2007, and they will authorize lawyers to file lawsuits against the charges and penalties issued against them because they are unconstitutional.
It’s worth mentioning that the 25 Muslim Brotherhood students from the faculties of commerce and social service, Helwan University, refused to appear before disciplinary boards last Wednesday.
The students did so protesting at the way of investigation adopted in the disciplinary boards which were held with three students in the Faculty of Education on Sunday and Monday Jan., 14 and 15, 2007 after which they were dismissed for a full academic year and were denied access to last year exams.

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