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Burning of Quran evident aggression against Muslims
Burning of Quran evident aggression against Muslims
The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, has advocated on its website the intention of burning copies of the Quran.
Wednesday, August 4,2010 07:59

The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, has advocated on its website the intention of  burning copies of the 'Quran' the Muslim's holy book  in commemoration of the September 11 attacks.

The “Everybody Burn Quran Day” promoted by the Florida Church which has been known for its anti Islam views and its stands against what they wrongfully believe is the evil of Islam".

Activists launched several groups on the social networking website Facebook to counter the campaign such as “In Protest of International Burn a Quran Day” and “Against Everybody Burn Quran Day." The Council on American relations CAIR, called on Muslims to invite friends and distribute copies of the Quran

Dr. Diaa Rashwan, Islamic movements' expert at Egypt ’s Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies, described the intended burnings of the Quran unreasonable   and exceedingly dangerous going beyond all reason and sensibility. He maintained that a serious crisis will arise and extremism will be initiated in the Muslim world stressing that it is imperative that the US administration and UN interfere before a vicious circle of violence and extremism is initiated. He added that the burning of the Quran was not freedom of expression but a clear violation of the rights of nearly one and a half billion Muslims worldwide. 

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aggresiveness sikandar
if its do any persion so in india the indian muslim will not be silent on it
Thursday, August 5,2010 11:21
indian muslim warsi
if each one quran touch by any non muslim the thousend of chrictian pay it cost
Thursday, August 5,2010 11:28
dont burn quraan mateen khan
Dont burn quraan e pak otherwise we will burn chirches in india inshallah
Monday, August 9,2010 09:05
Quran burning elisheba
Is it legal, safe, or good for the environment to start unnecessary fires in public ?
Sunday, August 15,2010 14:52
Any excuse for violence against non-Muslims Jim Smith
Muslims use any excuse to use violence against non-Muslims. It is clear from my reading of the news that if they don't have an excuse they just invent one. Islam is a violent reactive religion which is hypocritical in its demands for respect. Forbearance must not be virtue in Islam?
Wednesday, August 18,2010 19:31
quran ansari
dont do stupid things, god will take care of his book(quran)...and the people behind this plan of burning quran will suffer.
Wednesday, September 8,2010 13:28
insane barbaric act Syawal
if he continues with this barbaric act on syawal \"the new year of Islam\"...he will pay for the sin thereafter...
Thursday, September 9,2010 23:18
Safe to die in............. Frank
The Holy Quran states that the only belief that is safe to die in is Islam....... \"A hand hold that never fails\" (My favorite quote from the Holy Quran.) in poverty, War, wealth, sickness, old age and death ... Your fear of death melts as you know you came from Allah and to Allah you will return.................... Allah is the absolute true coordinates of the Universe. Allah is God..............
Monday, September 27,2010 01:10
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