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HR groups call for harsher punishment of human rights violators in Egypt
HR groups call for harsher punishment of human rights violators in Egypt
Sidi Gaber's district prosecutor in Alexandria accused Khaled Saed's family of bribing witnesses to provide false testimonies regarding the death of their 28 year old son who was brutally murdered by police earlier this month
Tuesday, June 29,2010 10:23

Investigators stated that police were notified of the events leading to Khaled's death on June 7, despite eyewitnesses' accounts that the incident took place a day earlier. Saed has been named the 'emergency law martyr' and his death has become symbolic, bringing to attention the abuse of security apparatus and the Interior ministry under emergency law, which has been renewed in an attempt to intimidate political opposition mainly the Muslim Brotherhood.

The EU diplomatic mission in Cairo called for transparent investigation of the actual cause of the Khaled's death, expressing concern about possible police brutality

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights based in Cairo launched media campagin against "torture and impunity," which is expected to continue for 18 months. The campaign will promote the call for amendments of numerous articles relating to the Egyptian Penal Code and the torture issue

A proposed drafted law on torture initially submitted in 2003 to parliament has been sent to President Mubarak for approval,  calling for harsher punishments of those found guilty of torture.

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