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Khudari: Palestinians entitled to sea route linking Gaza to outside world
Khudari: Palestinians entitled to sea route linking Gaza to outside world
The head of the popular committee against the siege, MP Jamal Al-Khudari, has underlined that the Palestinians are entitled to having a sea route linking Gaza Strip to the outside world under European supervision
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Friday, June 25,2010 05:57
He said in a press release on Thursday that the Israeli statements about an Iranian port in Gaza and threats against Lebanese aid ships reflect confusion and a crisis within the Israeli leadership.

The independent lawmaker said that the sea route would be less costly for Israel, which is suffering from international pressures and convoys of aid ships, adding that those ships would not stop until the full end of the Israeli blockade.

Khudari also refuted Israeli claims that sending other ships to Gaza was not needed in light of easing the siege, explaining that construction material, raw material for various industries, and numerous other necessary and basic materials are still banned from entering the Strip.

The MP stressed that the Gaza siege would only come to an end when all crossings were opened fully, all goods allowed free access, a safe passage opened between Gaza and the West Bank, and finally a sea route initiated.

For its part, Islamic Jihad movement described the Israeli talk about easing its siege on Gaza as a "big lie".

Ahmed Al-Mudalal, a spokesman for Jihad, told a press conference in Gaza on Wednesday that lifting the siege is not an issue of goods but rather should include opening all crossings and guaranteeing free access of individuals and all commodities.
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