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Wed78 2020

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European council votes in favor of niqab
European council votes in favor of niqab
A decree has been passed by the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe's human rights warning governments of forbidding Muslim women to don the niqab in public.
Friday, June 25,2010 03:03

 The resolution came as part of a statement on Islam, Islamism and Islamophobia, which also urged European governments to promote the educating of Muslim women, their families and communities alerting them of their human rights and persuading them to take part in both public and professional life.

 The Assembly however established that legal limitations may be necessary for safety measures in public or professional functions where identification is necessary.
President Nicolas Sarkozy has faced much criticism by the Muslim Council of Britain which described the measures as ''patronizing and offensive''. His comments claiming that the niqab is a sign of subservience rather than religion was slammed by the Muslim community.
In fact Belgium's lower house of parliament has collectively voted for such a ban. If unrevised the ban would be the first of its kind in Europe, introducing into Belgium's criminal code a prohibition on the wearing in public places of ''clothing that hides the face''. In addition to this a general ban would impede the rights of women freely wishing to cover up.
The resolution also called on Switzerland to revoke as soon as possible its general ban on the construction of minarets, which it described as discriminatory
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Finding is not binding but advisory. DD
Unlike the European Parliament its powers extend only to the ability to investigate, recommend and advise. Just like you and me. The finding has no binding power at all.
Friday, June 25,2010 18:44
Niquab, Burqa David Catleugh
Fortunately for France, and Belgium, their decision is not legally enforceable.
Saturday, June 26,2010 09:28
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