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Human rights objects to police victim's second autopsy
Human rights objects to police victim's second autopsy
According to state coroners who were appointed to perform a second autopsy on the body of 28-year-old Khaled Saed who was brutally beaten by police, his death was a result of asphyxiation and not police brutality as alleged by witnesses and human rights activists.
Thursday, June 24,2010 08:42

The new autopsy was ordered by Prosecutor General Abdul Magid Mahmoud after family rejected the results of the first autopsy. However the second autopsy confirmed that he choked on a foreign body namely a small plastic stash of marijuana. The report goes on to assert that examinations had revealed the presence of the drug in Saed's intestinal organs

Family and friends object to the reports stressing that he had never been involved in or tried drugs and had always enjoyed a fine reputation. The victim's brother, Ahmed Saed has ascertained that his family plans to appeal the second report's findings

Saed's case has become the latest symbol in the battle against police violations and brutality which led to nationwide demonstrations. Human rights groups have described Saed's death as proof that Egypt's decades old emergency law under Mubarak's rule which was  renewed last month for a further two years has gone ahead and  created a legacy of police impunity.

The law has been known to effect all who dare voice their opposition or stand up to the regime targetting political opposition movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood bloc, the 6th of April movement and independent bloggers and activists.


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