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MB MP's appeal to discuss police brutality rejected
MB MP's appeal to discuss police brutality rejected
The People's Assembly rejected hearing request by Muslim Brotherhood MP Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim to discuss the murder of Khaled Saeed, victim of alleged police brutality
Wednesday, June 16,2010 17:07

Mr. Ibrahim criticised how some security and police forces abused the emergency law on the grounds that they were above the law.

According to eyewitnesses, two plainclothes security agents beat the victim viciously on the chest and back and banged  his head on the concrete, resulting in skull fracture and death. The Interior Ministry denied these allegations, asserting that Saeed choked on bango he swallowed when police showed up for routine search 
A majority of the ruling party's members in parliament  intervened calling to abort the request made by Ibrahim. Dr. Fathy Sorour stated that investigations were already underway and there was no need to discuss the issue since prosecutors will study the results in a criminal perspective rather than political
Dr. Mufid Shehab Minister of State for Shura Council Affairs, ascertained that it was inappropriate to jump to conclusions before results of the investigation were analyzed, stressing that the 'emergency law' has been commonly used as a scapegoat.
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