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MB MP demands immediate dismissal of Interior Minister
MB MP demands immediate dismissal of Interior Minister
An urgent statement was submitted in parliament by the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc condemning the brutal bashing by plain clothes police and security forces which resulted in the tragic death of 28 year old Khaled Saed in Alexandria
Sunday, June 13,2010 15:18

The Egyptians are devastated, stunned and angry at the continued violations and inhumane treatment to citizens by the Interior ministry. MP Hamdy Hassan from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc slammed the neglect of the young man's murder who was kicked in the head, back and chest violently simply for asking why the police wanted his ID during a search at an internet café he was at. The attack resulted in his death after his head was repeatedly bashed by the police on a stair banister breaking his skull 

Hassan called for effective and decisive action and the immediate dismissal of the Interior Minister and an apology to the families of the victims and the Egyptian public. He demanded that all those involved in the murder of Saed and those who threatened witnesses and journalists who tried to cover the horrific story be immediately tried and justly punished. The measures used by security forces during protests against the Interior Ministry's policies reveal again the clear violation by the authorities who arrested and clashed with the angry citizens who simply called for their rights as citizens to live and express opinion freely 
Hassan concluded his statement questioning the regimes' policies stressing that citizens had a right to express their anger and to see effective results by authorities in defending their rights and appeasing their anger in handling such incidents
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