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Interior Ministry continues to defy court orders
Interior Ministry continues to defy court orders
The Ministry of Interior once again has demonstrated human rights violations and defiance by ignoring release orders issued by court
Saturday, June 12,2010 15:16

Muslim Brotherhood political detainee Mohamed Hosni Abdallah continues to be held in the infamous Borg el Arab Prison in Alexandria , despite 2 judiciary decisions to release him


Abdullah was arrested in March earlier this year in the Sharqiya constituency during the Day of Anger demonstration and prosecutors later agreed on his release, on May 2 and again on May 22; both decisions have been ignored and without reason


This precedes a visit by a delegation from the National Council for Human Rights to the prison scheduled on June 22 to assess the Prison's policy and human rights issues. The visit is the first of its kind


In a related context 8 other MB members also from Sharqiya remain in custody without legal justification; in spite of promises by the ruling regime, to apply the renewed emergency law only to crimes of terrorism and drug trafficking

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