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Demonstrators worldwide slam Israeli massacre on Freedom Flotilla
Demonstrators worldwide slam Israeli massacre on Freedom Flotilla
Demonstrations led by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the country's largest and most influential opposition group took place after the Friday prayers throughout Egypt 's constituencies.
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Friday, June 4,2010 20:41

 The largest in Alexandria included more than 15 000 people rallying to demonstrate against the aggressive raids by Israel on the Freedom Flotilla which resulted in 20 deaths and dozens of injuries. After prayers worshippers in Cairo assembled outside the Azhar mosque however were prevented by security forces from proceeding into the streets

Demonstrators called for severing ties with Israel , withdrawing ambassadors, and closing Israeli embassies across the Arab and free world

Israel's blockade on the Gaza Strip, has been entering its fourth year and the Fleet was carrying tons of aid to the besieged Gazans with peaceful activists on board in an attempt to break the siege of the strip and publicize the true extent of the Gazans suffering

In Jordan, protestors near the Israeli embassy in Amman , condemned the attacks and called for the ambassador to be ousted

Hundreds of Lebanese citizens chanted slogans and advanced towards the Mosque of al- Mansouri, calling on the Arab governments to unite with Gaza and pressure Israel to lift their blockade

Preachers and scholars in Damascus slammed the attack describing it as criminal, and university students and professors expressed solidarity and called for Israel to be accountable for its attacks


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indonesian muslims also condemned israhell
Saturday, June 5,2010 10:36
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