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95% of readers believe Egypt 's regime incapable of conducting fair elections
95% of readers believe Egypt 's regime incapable of conducting fair elections
A recent poll conducted by the "Ikhwanonline" website asked readers what their expectations were to the upcoming Shura midterm elections.
Thursday, June 3,2010 22:56


The poll asked the readers if they believed the ruling NDP party was addicted to rigging the elections or were they capable of running free and fair elections.
The Poll revealed that
95.7% of readers believed the NDP would continue rigging elections
 3.5% of readers believed there may be hope of transparent elections
 0.8% of readers were not sure
With the closing of Shura elections and the announcing of results it appears that readers may have been right in their assumption that there was no such thing as freely conducted elections which would be fair and transparent. Only 4 political opposition candidates won seats while the popular MB movement did not acquire seats as a result of the arrogant rigging and intervention by security apparatus
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