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Abu Marzouk talks to Ikhwanweb about Israeli military massacre at sea
Abu Marzouk talks to Ikhwanweb about Israeli military massacre at sea
Hamas' deputy politburo member Mousa Abu Marzouk has described Monday's pre-dawn massacre on the Freedom Flotilla which was bound for Gaza carrying relief an act of piracy.
Wednesday, June 2,2010 16:29

Hamas' deputy politburo member  Mousa Abu Marzouk has described Monday's pre-dawn massacre on the Freedom Flotilla which was bound for Gaza carrying relief an act of piracy.


In a phone call to Ikhwanweb, he explained that the ships were attacked in international waters while they were on their way to break the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip


He indicated that the occupation authorities knew very well that the convoy was carrying aid to Gaza and there is no justification for the forced landing onto the ship especially as the passengers on board were civilians. Abu Marzouk described the raid as barbaric and a crime against humanity violating the international law and an insult to the 36 countries who had sent the peace activists


"The Israeli commandos' attack on the Turkish flee bound to Gaza is a message to intimidate all activists in solidarity with the people of Gaza", Abu Marzouk asserted adding  that the attack however will not cause a negative effect on the peace activists; on the contrary, the number of convoys will increase the stance against the IOF's insolence and brutality


Abu Marzouk emphasized that the initial worldwide reaction to the massacre was weak due to a lack of clarity, but it later changed where a number of countries, including Spain , Greece , Turkey , Egypt and Jordan summoned the Israeli ambassadors in protest to the massacre. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Arab League had organized an emergency meeting and the international action is significant. There must be a united front worldwide to put an end to the war in Gaza


Abu Marzouk maintained that there was no media interest in the convoy before the attack, stressing that it was shameful that the world remains silent to the flagrant aggression and the unjust blockade against the innocent Gazans. He expressed that the continued silence is considered as a participation in the attack and the siege, which is a heinous crime against humanity


We call on Egypt 's president Hosni Mubarak to keep the Rafah border indefinitely open and to facilitate the crossing because the situation can no longer be delayed since many Gazan citizens are in dire need of medical attention


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After flotilla atack--what to do shah abdul hannan
Dear sirs, Assalamu Alaikum.This is the moment for Hamas and Fatah to unite and press ahead. Hamas must not allow any chance to Israel to exploit.No rocket firing at this stage.
Wednesday, June 2,2010 18:04
united fsiekonomi.multiply.com
UNITED ISLAM IS THE SOLUTION *indonesian muslim youth blogger http://fsiekonomi.multiply.com/photos
Thursday, June 3,2010 10:51
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