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Mubarak evades queries on successor
Mubarak evades queries on successor
Egypt's 82 year old President Mubarak was bombarded with questions regarding his successor by press reporters during his visit to Italy on Wednesday
Thursday, May 20,2010 01:07

Since his surgery,earlier this year, Egypt has been living in a state of political indecision with the impending presidential elections

Mubarak has denied allegations that he is grooming his son Gamal to be Egypt 's next leader. He seemed disturbed by the questions which would have raised much controversy if asked in Egypt concerning his health despite claims that Egypt enjoys press freedom
Despite attempts to avoid answering the questions reporters continued prompting the 82 year old President to profess that only God knew
Election restrictions make it impossible for candidates to engage in any reasonable challenge against whoever is nominated by Mubarak's ruling National Democratic Party
The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt 's largest opposition party which has participated in Shura and parliamentary elections despite suppression by the ruling regime has asserted that they do not plan to put forward any affiliated candidates for president. Activists have objected to the Egyptian government's rigging of elections in its favor and continued use long-standing emergency law to intimidate opposition
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