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Egypt: 8 MB supporters arrested in Minya's pre-dawn arrests
Egypt: 8 MB supporters arrested in Minya's pre-dawn arrests
The Muslim Brotherhood's decision to field candidates in the upcoming Shura elections has apparently angered authorities who had hoped to secure the Shura council for the NDP party.
Saturday, May 15,2010 19:00

The midterm elections come amid a large scale government crackdown on the group, candidates and supporters. Pre-dawn raids were witnessed Saturday, as 8 members from the group had their houses invaded and searched and were taken in by armored vehicles. The Brotherhood, which is Egypt 's largest and influential opposition group, continues to operate with its lawmakers running as independents in elections

The previous Shura Council elections have witnessed low voter turnout, a reflection of widespread apathy toward the consultative body as a result of the regime's constant suppression of human rights. The Muslim Brotherhood have participated with candidates who have struggled from the very beginning in submitting applications and forms however the bloc point out that they will continue in their efforts and practice their rights as chartered in the constitution.
Minya's candidate Alaa Othman spoke to "Ikhwanweb" where he criticised the arrests arguing that "The Brotherhood's mission is to resist despotism and establish a state of stability in which Egyptians enjoy freedom and democracy" adding "We will persist despite mass arrests of Brotherhood members and supporters and what we expect to be attempts to block voters from reaching the polls".
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