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MB MP denounces Palestinian killings by banned poisonous gases
MB MP denounces Palestinian killings by banned poisonous gases
Dr. Hamdi Hassan from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc condemned the killing of four Palestinians and wounding of eight inside the tunnels on the Gazan border
Thursday, April 29,2010 16:47

 Victims were killed as a result of the destruction of the tunnels and the use of internationally banned poison gas

Hassan lamented the current relationship between Egypt and its Arab neighbours describing the policy practiced by Egypt against the Gazans as deplorable. The continued imposing of the siege, escalating bloodshed followed by the deliberate use of banned gases is a complete violation to human rights

The MP asserted that the hostile tension between Egypt and its neighbours serves only the Israeli entity. He stressed that the unprecedented measures practiced on the Gazans reveals the Egyptian Foreign Ministry's unsuccessful policy and inability to deal with the current problems. Hassan highlighted that Egypt's national interests are also at stake since the Israeli's have only their interest in mind

Hassan addressed the Prime minister and Foreign Minister arguing that Egypt's interest should be a priority. By lifting the siege on the Gazans and opening the borders to facilitate the Palestinians there would be no need for the Gazans to continue in their digging tunnels underground


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The fact Tughluq
Main blocking point for Palestinians and Muslims throughout the world to achieve peace is Hosni Mubarak and his brutal regime. Unfortunately Egyptians also responsible for present state of Muslims by supporting this regime.
Saturday, May 1,2010 06:22
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