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Egypt: Ministry says 'no' to May 3rd Peaceful March
Egypt: Ministry says 'no' to May 3rd Peaceful March
The Interior Ministry in Egypt has rejected a request submitted by 6 parliament members to secure a peaceful march on May 3rd.
Thursday, April 29,2010 08:42
The Interior Ministry in Egypt has rejected a request submitted by 6 parliament members to secure a peaceful march on May 3rd. Reasons were not disclosed, however,  members were informed that the request was denied by the ministry because the representatives violated negotiation protocol. Dr. Hamdi Hassan and Mohamed Beltagy from the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc were among the MPs who signed the petitioned request which was scheduled to begin moving from the Omar Makram Mosque with its final destination being in front of the People's Assembly.    

Independent MP Saad Aboud, asserted that they would not give into the system and were determined to carry on the March and protest. He warned the interior of shooting at the demonstrators and violating the right of the Egyptian people.


The march is arranged to express the people's demands for political reform including constitutional amendments to articles 76, 77 and 78. Activists will also call for the annulling of the emergency law which has been implemented for over 30 years and appeal for the conducting of free, fair and transparent elections.

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