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Egyptian authorities admit mistake in MB charges
Egyptian authorities admit mistake in MB charges
An official statement issued by the Egyptian Prosecutor's office has admitted that it has mistakenly indicted Saudi preacher Aaed Al-Qarani.
Wednesday, April 28,2010 11:07

An official statement issued by the Egyptian Prosecutor's office has admitted that it has mistakenly indicted Saudi preacher Aaed Al-Qarani. Money laundering and terrorist funding were among the false accusations leveled not only on the Saudi cleric but also on 4 other members of the Muslim Brotherhood abroad, who in fact have been acquitted by civil court not once but four times.


The prosecutor's office not only laid false charges on the group, they mistakenly announced the wrong name of the accused stressing that they meant Awad not Aaed Al-Qarani who was also a Saudi preacher.


Both Al-Qarani's vehemently denied the allegations slamming the fabrication by the authorities. "The Egyptian authorities are  not only inaccurate in issuing names on the referral sheet they have also erroneously charged honorable men with a host of fabricated charges which are completely groundless". The renowned preacher dared the regime to prove any involvement in the charges describing them as motivated by the "Mossad" in Israel .


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