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Human rights condemn restriction of press freedom
Human rights condemn restriction of press freedom
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) condemned the restrictions and harassments by some Arab governments on Al-Jazeera Satellite channel.
Wednesday, April 28,2010 01:55

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) condemned the restrictions and harassments by some Arab governments on Al-Jazeera Satellite channel. It stressed that it was a confiscation of the right of citizens for news knowledge and a violation of media freedom.


In a statement which Ikhwanweb received a copy, ANHRI  pointed out, that  the Egyptian authorities  prevented Al-Jazeera satellite channel from covering the protests and strikes by the laborers in front of the Egyptian parliament, while allowing other media  document the event. This revealed a clear message that Al-Jazeera was targeted.  Protesting labors chanted slogans in solidarity with Al-Jazeera channel and against its prevention from covering the protest.


The report added that Mauritanian authorities also confiscated videos taped by Al-Jazeera, which included shots of an area in central Mauritania where toxic waste buried during the 70s, was recently discovered.


The statement underscored that preventing Al-Jazeera from filming in Cairo was not the first incident but the second in one month. Security Services confiscated video tapes exposing the security attacks against protesters who called for democracy in Egypt last April 6.


ANHRI dee restriction as "naive" since Al-Jazeera did not make the news it only relayed  


It called on the authorities to acknowledge the problem and lift the restrictions imposed on media sources.

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