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MB member refutes money laundering accusations
MB member refutes money laundering accusations
Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood's International Organization replied to the recent accusations leveled at the MB members residing abroad.
Monday, April 26,2010 23:53

Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood's International Organization replied to the recent accusations leveled at the MB members residing abroad. Ibrahim  Munir was one of 5 MB members living overseas who were  referred to what has been known as the case of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, which started in June 2009, reference 404 Supreme State Security. 

In a recent interview, Munir explained that he has been located outside Egypt , living in Britain , in a dignified manner for 30 years. The last time he visited Egypt was during the 1987 elections.

Munir denied allegations of money laundering claiming that no money was collected for the children in Gaza or the MB. The country was monitored and any donations contributed had legal channels to follow.

The 73 year old, claimed that the political arena in Egypt is preparing for the   renewal of the Emergency Law, and the current MB accusations may suitably serve the court case of the International Organization for the Muslim Brotherhood. He divulged that the accusations are without basis, particularly as he has not been actively present on the political scene due to health conditions.

Munir slammed the inaccuracy of the referral sheet, which described them as 'being on the run'. In fact the complete inaccuracy of even the names is ridiculous referring to the mix up between Saudi Preachers Aaed Al-Qarani and Awad Al-Qarani.

When asked about appointing a lawyer to represent him in court he refused stressing that there is no evidence against him and time will tell what the security officials have been busy concocting as evidence. Munir asserted that he will challenge the accusation against the security and public prosecution only if the case goes to court. However, he did not disclose whether he would take up any action against the authorities or regime at any international organizations such as the European Court of Human Rights departments as the court would simply defame the country at the expense of its citizens; but this does not mean he has ruled out the prospect.

The other four members of the MB charged include, Wagdy Ghoneim, Awad Al-Qarni, Dr Ashraf Abdel-Ghafar, who are currently living outside Egypt and the fifth charged is Osama Suleiman, proprietor of a bureau-de-change company who is currently held in custody.

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