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Experts: ending the state of emergency in Egypt is inevitable
Experts: ending the state of emergency in Egypt is inevitable
Jurists and politicians unanimously agreed on the need for drastic changes in Egypt 's legislation. They all condoned the significance of the abolition of the state of emergency to ensure the existence of a sound political life, conducting of free and fair elections to instigate a new phase of genuine democracy.
Sunday, April 25,2010 13:36

During the 3rd Annual Report on the Situation of Democracy in Egypt 2009  organized by "The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE), Abd al-Ghafar Shukr, from the Tagammu Party, claimed that "the current political landscape of Egypt warns that the forthcoming general elections will be a setback for the democratic aspirations of the Egyptian. He continued  "In fact, he the threats and blackmailing policy being employed by the ruling National Democratic Party NDP against voters highlights the domination of capital, the unhealthy practice of bullying in order to exercise authority over people and low turnout in elections due to lack of confidence!"

"Student union elections in Egypt 's public universities are an indicator of the lack of the democratic process where students are deprived of the right to run in elections.  Through practicing all types of repression ranging from referral to investigation and disciplinary boards without any reason to the abduction of opposition students from the campus", he said.

Abdul Ghafar denounced the unjustified restrictions on freedoms and the establishment of political parties capable of freely engaging in political activities, considering the current legislative prevents or limits parties from entering into competition against the ruling party.

The abolition of the state of emergency is unquestionable and must take priority over the demands for a democracy. We need to modify the laws to ensure sound political existence in addition to conducting free and fair elections. We must note that the authorities'  intentions  to holding  authentic elections is not available at all as the NDP dedicate elections as a mechanism to dominate the legislatures.

Abdul Ghafar called for a broader coalition of national political powers against the ruling NDP under the slogan "free and fair elections". He hailed the drafted law on political rights in which hundreds of the state's major political forces led by the Brotherhood's parliamentary bloc. He described it as a glimmer of hope for new political life in Egypt as the bill will compel the Interior Minister to protect voters because it contains a clause underscoring the need for an independent monitoring body to oversee the 2010 elections without interference from the Interior Ministry.

Amr El-Shobaki, an expert at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, described Egypt 's elections to be a mean or mechanism for devolution of power, pointing out that the crude rigging in previous elections forecast a dark future for the Egyptian people. Egypt 's polls' outcome are always dishonest and settled in advance in favour of the ruling NDP to pre-empt the activities of other national political powers, especially Egypt 's powerful Brotherhood.

For his part, Director of the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement Dr. Magdy Abdel Hamid said the forthcoming election is not suitable as a mechanism for devolution of power, calling for tighter control in Parliamentary Elections [People's Assembly] (November, 2010). Parliamentary Elections [Shura Council] (May, 2010).

Executive Director of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) Gamal Abdel-Aziz has explained the impartiality of the elections as many (NDP) members of Parliament have been appointed against the will of Egyptians.

He also denounced the electoral scheme that took place in the students' union elections. Opposition students were deprived and MB students, called for free and fair elections and to respecting the students' choice whatever it be.

Abdul Aziz condemned the non-objectivity of Egypt 's national daily newspapers especially after editors-in-chief of the state-owned daily newspapers became members in the ruling National Democratic Party. He maintained that this indicated the newspapers were used as the mouthpiece of the ruling party launching attacks against independent opposition newspapers. The Muslim Brotherhood is at the top of the list, depicted them as aggressors both in student elections or other issues. 

A lawyer and director of the "democratic development program of the (EACPE) Ahmad Fawzi has enumerated disadvantages of the current electoral system, asserting that it  "Illustrates  the absence of principle of equal opportunity for all, lack of supervision of neutral commissions and  lack of an independent committee to effectively supervise elections". He added "Egypt's government deals with the People's Assembly and Shura Council as a cover up to fully restore its image abroad and its flimsy show reveals there is an unprecedented political mobility and free elections. He stressed the need for a healthy climate ensuring peaceful legislative elections.

"Boycotting the elections will not be an effective and influencing factor unless it has   been well organized similar to methods abroad, where they assemble at the doors of the polling stations to prevent ordinary men from voting to demonstrate their perspectives unlike the simple withdrawal of the entire electoral process in Egypt".

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