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Mubarak : Any individual is welcome to enter Elections!
Mubarak : Any individual is welcome to enter Elections!
A speech on Saturday, March 24, by Egypt 's president Mubarak recorded promises of a fair election during next year's presidential election.
Sunday, April 25,2010 05:40

Mubarak, welcomed all individuals who wished to enter the elections given that the constitution is not violated; he warned the opposition against 'laying games' on stability. No mention of whether he will stand again in the 2011 presidential election, however were made.

Rumours have claimed that the 81 year old president is polishing his son Gamal to succeed him although both Mubaraks deny the action.

No positive remarks by Mubarak regarding the amendments in the constitution were made.  No decisions were made regarding the constant call by opposing factors that have united demanding political reform with fair elections and the eliminating of emergency law for the country's wellbeing in the future. The dreaded law has been enforced since 1981 after the assassination in Cairo of Mubarak's predecessor Anwar Sadat


Although remarks concerning his commitment to the integrity of the elections, the aging president has largely relied on the security apparatus which has engaged in wide campaigns against opposition and in particular members of the MB in an attempt to intimidate citizens. The recent emergence of former IAEA chief ElBaradei has also not been appreciated with efforts by thugs to thwart any campaigning for a new reform movement. ElBaradei had ascertained that he may enter the presidential elections if there were amendments.

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