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MB Secretary General: MB members do not strike secret deals
MB Secretary General: MB members do not strike secret deals
Allegations by the Democratic Front Party, that the Muslim Brotherhood Bloc have been engaging in deals with the ruling NDP have been denied by the group's senior leaders.
Wednesday, April 21,2010 06:51

MB leaders denied allegations by the Democratic Front Party (DFP) accusing the the Muslim Brotherhood of striking secret deals with the ruling NDP to maintain its current number of representatives in parliament ahead of elections. Deputy Chairman Rashad El-Bayoumy and Secretary-General Mahmoud Hussein stated that the MB has never and never will be involved in any secret political deals that can undermine the national consensus on political reform. They added that such accusations are unsubstantiated and illogical, knowing the relentless crackdown and oppression the MB is suffering under the regime.

The MB opposition has been coordinating meetings with the initiative to unite opposition parties and blocs in support of the constitutional amendments call. A recent meeting which was scheduled between the DFP and MB was cancelled on request by the DFP who asked to have it indefinitely postponed. The MB has asserted that it is prepared to extend its hands and welcome any party wishes to convene in dialogue concerning political reform, regardless of ideology.

A meeting is expected to take place this coming Wednesday April, 21st between the Wafd opposition party and the MB. However both opposition leaders will be absent.

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