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US officials refuse to disclose names of bribed Egyptian officials in Mercedes scandal
US officials refuse to disclose names of bribed Egyptian officials in Mercedes scandal
The Mercedes scandal which had initially surfaced at the end of 2004, raising many questions about dubious accounts in various countries, resulted in the firm paying out a total of US $185 million in fines and civil disgorgement.
Tuesday, April 20,2010 17:26

 According to a deferred prosecution agreement, Daimler had admitted to making hundreds of improper payments worth tens of millions of dollars to foreign government officials in at least 22 countries between 1998 and 2008 including Egypt , Iraq , China , Russia and Greece


Despite the presence however, of evidence following investigation Government and Mercedes officials in the U.S. refuse to disclose the names of those bribed who had received large amounts of money from Egypt 's government officials.


 Laura Sweeney, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Justice asserted, that they do  have names however a policy prevents them from disclosing names of officials who have not been charged yet.  Sweeney added "The question was directed against the Mercedes and not against government employees".

US lawyer Mark Boon stressed if the Attorney general in Egypt and the Ministry of justice choose to follow up in the investigation the US will then be obliged to reveal the name of the official who received payments.
If the government was genuinely interested in ending such transactions all it had to do was the math, by following up on who signed contracts with Mercedes during those years

In fact the indictment confirmed that the payment was made to a company called "Egypt Consulting", where such transactions where made of this charge as a cover for the process of bribery,

according to the petition.


It appears though that these bribery measures will be continued to facilitate business operations, purchase of equipment and spare parts from the company and of course to benefit the numbered few.

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