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MB Chairman calls for immediate release of Al-Shater and Companions
MB Chairman calls for immediate release of Al-Shater and Companions
The chairman called on those responsible to apologise to the detainees and their families who have unrightly suffered the injustices.
Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), demanded the immediate release of Eng. Khayrat Al-Shater and his companions.
Sunday, April 18,2010 03:59

The chairman called on those responsible to apologise to the detainees and their families who have unrightly suffered the injustices. 

In his weekly message, titled "Has not the time come for the offender to lift the injustice against the oppressed?" Badie underlined the importance of the oppressor to act promptly and redeem themselves by restoring the usurped funds to their rightful owners and sealed companies must resume their activities. He reminded the oppressors of the wrath that will befall any individual who has practiced injustices on his fellow being. 

He added "Has not the time come for the Egyptian regime to lift violations against detainees such as Engineer Khayrat Al-Shater and his colleagues, Hassan Malik, Ahmed Shousha, Ahmed Ashraf and Sadek Al-Sherkaoui who are still in detention and suffer from chronic diseases which could endanger their life.

The MB Chairman indicated that the families in this case in addition to other similar cases were a disturbing and alarming phenomena. He criticized the unjust military tribunal in which civilians were tried. He called for these shameful discriminations against opposition and in particular the MB end. Badie demanded that Egypt 's authorities terminate the shameful practices that take place against Egypt and urged the abolition of all arbitrary decisions by the military courts against civilians.

 Adding to the sense of injustice among members of the group are the frequent overruling of decisions issued by the conventional judges particularly after 3 binding resolutions for the release of the group members. "The security service's persistent challenging of the decisions, together with harsh prison sentences including the 10 year sentence issued in absentia has also caused frustration," he said. The anticipated collective punishment against workers in the private companies owned by the MB businessmen, who have been involved in this particular case, has also resulted in heavy losses for investors. "

Dr. Badie analyzed the case with its unfair judgments as punishment and an attempt to intimidate the Movement for their tremendous success in the 2005 parliamentary elections. He pointed out that the regime was sending a message to all political activists informing them that there is no hope for constitutional and political reform.

By doing this, the regime is hoping activists and national political powers lose confidence in all slogans of reform.

Dr. Badie concluded his message underscoring that the demands for reform and change requires sacrifice. "We must stand united in the face of all forms of injustice, corruption and tyranny, and all Egyptian citizens must work for no right is lost if pursued vigorously".

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