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Tens of MB Members Detained in New Wave of Arrests Across Egypt
Tens of MB Members Detained in New Wave of Arrests Across Egypt
Many Egyptian governorates witnessed a fresh crackdown carried out by presiden’t Mubarak’s autocratic regime against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the biggest opposition group in Parliament.
Thursday, February 15,2007 00:00
by Abd Mon’em Mahmoud IkhwanWeb

Many Egyptian governorates witnessed a fresh crackdown carried out by presiden’t Mubarak’s autocratic regime against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the biggest opposition group in Parliament.
The crackdown was launched in governorates of Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, Sharqiya, Gharbiya, Monofiya and Al Fayyum and it included arresting ex-MB candidates in the legislative elections, and two office managers of current members of parliament.


In south of Cairo, the security forces arrested Eng. Omar Abdullah, a coordinator of a gathering of engineers against guardianship, accountant Mohamed Hassan the office manager of Al-Mohammedi Abdul Maqsood- a Muslim Brotherhood member of parliament for Helwan deputy and Mahmoud Beltagi the office manager of MB parliamentarian Ali Fath Al Bab for city of 15the May .
In Alexandria, the state security force arrested Dr. Hassan Al-Burnos, a Diagnostic Radiology professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Fouad Elwan, Salah Madani, Mohamed Mabrouk, Hossam Radi, Dr. Tawakul Massoud, an ex Muslim Brotherhood candidate in 2005 parliamentary elections for Dikheila constituency .


In Giza, the security forces arrested Abdul Salam Bashandi, an ex-Muslim Brotherhood candidate in 2005 elections for Kerdasa constituency, Yahya Rizk, a Sharia teacher in Al-Azhar, and three others .
In Monofiya, Dr. Mostafa Al-Halawani, Dr. Abdullah Al Nahhas, Dr. Gamal Khalifa, Dr. Fathi Tawfik, Eng. Saad Abul Enein, Eng. Fathi Abdul Ghani.
In Al-Fayyum,  the security forces arrested six:
1-Mostafa Atiya Mohamed (accountant)
2 - Saad Mahmoud (engineer)
3 - Ahmed Ibrahim Bayyoumi (accountant)
4 - Ahmed Fouad Beltagi (doctor)
5 - Gamal Abdul Fattah (engineer)
6 - Mohamed Radwan (accountant)
7 - Mahmoud Sayed Abdul Razek (teacher)
In Sharqiya, 16 Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested: Al Saadani Al Barri, Sobhi Al Ghandour, Sabri Abdul Maqsoud, Hassan Solaiman, Mahmoud Kashef, Mohamed Fayyad, Mohamed Al Sayed, Al-Sayyed Al-Arabi, Ahmed Abdul Maqsoud, Refaat Abdul Rahim and Abdul Nasser Abdul Fattah .
In Gharbiya, they arrested Hamdi Radwan, the office manager of Muslim Brotherhood MP Al- Laban; in Kafr Al-Zayat, three Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested including Samir Al Bishlawi. In Tanta, Abd Al-Alim Rajab, an employee at the office of Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarian El-Sayyed Askar; also the houses of Eng. Al Sayed Qandil and Hossam Zayed were raided but they were not in their houses during the raids.
This new campaign is a pro-active measure carried out by the Egyptian regime ahead of the Shura Council elections scheduled next April and is also an attempt to pressure on the group to reduce its sharp opposition to the proposed constitutional amendments.
This fresh crackdown is launched as part of the Egyptian tyrannical regime’s fierce campaign that started in December 2006 against the Muslim Brotherhood group after using a sportive performance carried out by Al-Azhar University students as a pretext for arresting hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members, topped by Eng. Mohamed Khairat Al Shater the second deputy chairman of the group, and Dr. Mohamed Ali Beshr, a member of the executive bureau, and a big number of businessmen.
They have been falsely accused of funding "terrorism" and "money laundry"; 32 of the MB detainees in addition to 8 other MB leaders living abroad, have been transferred to military tribunals.

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