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Grandson of MB founder has travel ban lifted
Grandson of MB founder has travel ban lifted
Tarek Ramadan, grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement founder, Hassan el Banna, has had his travel ban lifted and was issued a visa. He was formerly banned on ideological grounds by the Bush Administration.
Monday, April 5,2010 12:50

Ramadan a professor of contemporary Islamic studies at Oxford University means well with the intentions of 'building bridges' however both audiences West and Muslims sometimes accuse him of lacking commitment to their respective values. He argues however he is simply advocating the rights of Muslims in the West.


His latest writings "The Quest for meaning; Developing a Philosophy for Pluralism" illustrates the shared values between Islam and the West. He claims that “Islam makes it clear that there is no contradiction in the Islamic and the western values,” adding “To deal with modernity doesn’t mean that you lose your Islamic background".


In his quest, the Switzerland born professor urges Muslims to look forward not back where he addresses the Muslims to vie away from what he describes as 'the victim mentality'.


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Discussion around Tariq Ramadan Heart
Discussion around Tariq Ramadan
Wednesday, April 7,2010 09:58
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