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Occupation ill-treats captives in Hadarim jail and close the library
Occupation ill-treats captives in Hadarim jail and close the library
Palestinian captives at Hadarim prison said that the prison's administration continues to breach their rights on the pretext that the captives there initiated the strikes, including refusing to receive visits and a hunger strike for this month.
Saturday, April 3,2010 14:02

Tawfiq Abu Naim, a Palestinian captive at Hadarim jail, said in a statement that was distributed on Friday by the Captives Studies Centre, that tens of elements of special units working with the prison authority searched the captives storage area as well as the library, an act that was rejected by the prisoners causing tension between the captives and the prison administration. The administration decided to close the library.

For his part, Ra'fat Hamdouna, director of the Prisoners' Studies Centre, said that the continued breaches of prisoners' rights at Israeli occupation jails under security pretexts have nothing to do with security and everything to do with punishing the prisoners.

He added that the closure of the library, banning entry of books to prisoners, banning secondary school final exams and putting hurdles on university education are all but attempts to stop the captives from gaining knowledge and making achievements.

He also said that captives in various occupation jails have started their strikes by rejecting visits as well as hunger strikes on certain days to protest occupation's violations against prisoners, including searches, moving prisoners between prisons and humiliating searches of visiting relatives, as well as bans on education and other daily violations of prisoners' rights.

Hamdouna called on human rights organisations and activists interested in the welfare of prisoners to intensify their work in support of Palestinian prisoners.

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