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Islamonline employees address the Qatari TV channel AlJazeera: Treat us the same as you treat your IOF guests
Islamonline employees address the Qatari TV channel AlJazeera: Treat us the same as you treat your IOF guests
Employees of the Islamic website Islamonline strongly deplore and disapprove the occupational bias on Al Jazeera's coverage of the crisis which erupted between the staff in Cairo and the Qatar-based board in Doha.
Saturday, April 3,2010 08:44

The channel evidently adopted one side revealing details on the crisis proving the blatant bias of Qatar which supports the Qatari management provoking the crisis.

The team questioned Al Jazeera's motto 'the opinion and the other opinion" stressing that it must adhere to its alleged neutrality just as it respects this motto when hosting its Zionist guests who are perpetrators of the Palestinian masses.

Dr. Ibrahim Al Ansari one of the parties involved in the crisis has appeared in Al Jazeera's studios four times even with remarks over the phone ignoring the other party who is in the same profession and a colleague.

The TV news channel Al Jazeera did not commit themselves with objectivity choosing to concentrate on Al Balagh Society's side of the story while completely neglecting Dr. Qaradawi's version.

As for the rest of the members of the Board of directors who have been ignored despite being from Qatar, are they not entitled to express their opinion or are they being affiliated to the rivals of Dr. Ibrahim Al Ansari?

The Islamonline Cairo based employees wonder why the channel did not demonstrate objectivity in which the viewers have become accustomed to in disclosing the truth and expressing the neutral point of view of both rival parties. This referred to a report prepared by Al Jazeera TV's Cairo bureau chief and his colleague reporters who had experienced on hand the crisis and later had the report altered in Doha. They stressed that this completely violated objectivity and to whom is the advantage?

The only channel which illustrated some sort of credibility was the Qatari Live Arabic TV Al-Arab which had monitored the fallout from beginning to end.

It is a disappointment that Al Jazeera Channel had sacrificed its objectivity to an issue concerning Qatar's internal affairs giving it the characteristic of a state-owned channel similar to some others in the Arab world. Questions rise as to the reasons behind Al Jazeera's status are they committed to obeying formal orders from Qatari's official media or is there another motive for the prejudiced and intangible coverage of the Islamonline story?

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