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MB and Tagammu convene describing meeting as favourable
MB and Tagammu convene describing meeting as favourable
Despite differing views MB and Tagammu found common grounds.
Tuesday, March 30,2010 18:03

Muslim Brotherhood members and Tagammu Party members convened at the headquarters yesterday in a historical attempt to bridge the gap and unify the attempts of political reform in Egypt. Both parties' acceded that the meeting was a necessary step for the upcoming period.


MB member Ali Beshr described the meeting as favourable where both parties agreed on the significance of calling for the abolishment of unlawful arrests, the annulling of military tribunals where normal citizens are tried and the dreaded state of the emergency law  which has continued for 30 years and resulted in continuous violations of human rights and unjust arbitrary arrests for hundreds  of MB members.


Representatives from both parties' were present during the collaboration however none of the trends' leaders were present. Anis El-Bayaa from the Tagammu Party asserted that the meeting discussed various positive points despite differing views in which common grounds could be met for opposition collaboration and cooperation.

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