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Algerian authorities arrest Mossad agent holding forged passport
Algerian authorities arrest Mossad agent holding forged passport
An Algerian newspaper revealed on Sunday that the authorities in Algeria arrested a secret agent working for the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence apparatus, and holding a forged Spanish passport.
Monday, March 29,2010 17:15


According to Al-Nahar newspaper, the Algerian security apparatuses arrested an Israeli spy called Alberto, 35, in the city of Hassi Messaoud near an Egyptian office providing service for oil companies.

It pointed out that the spy used a cloned Spanish passport to enter Algeria and obtained the visa through one of its embassies in Europe.

The newspaper also affirmed that while the Alegerian security apparatuses embarked on investiging the spy  the US administration intervened and sent a high-ranking official to Algeria in this regard.

The newspaper reported that assistant head of the FBI John Pistole visited last  Algeria last Thursday to convince the authorities to release Alberto, adding that the Mossad agent was fluent in Arabic and frequented popular neighborhoods in Hassi city either to pray in the mosque of Bilal or to sit in Arabian cafes and chat with citizens.

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