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Polish MPs harassed in Israeli airport after visit to W. Bank and Gaza
Polish MPs harassed in Israeli airport after visit to W. Bank and Gaza
The Israeli airport authorities harassed a polish parliamentary delegation as they were trying to catch their flight leaving the occupied Palestinian lands after a visit they made to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
Sunday, March 28,2010 23:04


Omar Faris, the head of the Polish-Palestinian friendship society, strongly denounced Israel for harassing the delegation and restricting their movement in the airport.

Faris said that such behavior is regarded as an insult to the Polish people as it targeted their representatives in the parliament.

He also stressed that this Israeli action is a violation of individuals’ personal freedom and security guaranteed by international and humanitarian laws.

The society head accused Israel of attempting to impose international isolation on the Palestinian people and preventing them from being in touch with the world’s lawmakers who support their just cause.

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