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Poland demonstrates Islamophobic sentiments
Poland demonstrates Islamophobic sentiments
The Muslim League in Poland's plans of the building of a modern, three-story mosque near the centre of Warsaw has been met by angry Poles.
Saturday, March 27,2010 09:48

The three-story building will have an 18-metre high minaret which will top the three-story building however  the characteristic sound of call to prayer  and the prayer itself will not be heard drifting over the city. So where is the problem?

Once again the angry voice of unreason has set  in as it seems that no-one wants to learn or pay heed to the voice of tolerance where protestors were scheduled to hold demonstrations over the weekend objecting to the Mosques construction

Tendencies of Islamophobia have been demonstrated where the Future  of Europe Association has slammed the construction of the mosque and Islamic cultural centre, stressing that the Polish League of Muslims, is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB despite being renowned for their moderate principles and regulations in expressing tolerance and forbearance has been met with some apprehension

Boguslaw Zadorski, director of the Ibn Khaldun Institute in Warsaw and lecturer at Collegium Civitas, has objected to hearsay, adding that the Polish League of organisation founded by Polish citizens has never been challenged for breaking the Polish law and alleging that the League is connected with the Muslim Brotherhood and condemning the group is tantamount to slander

Such words may fall on deaf ears, however where the problem basically is that before we learn we must unlearn giving rise to the comments posted on various nationalist internet forums against Islam and Muslims

Tomasz Andryszczyk from the Council has commented that the decision and agreements for the construction of the institution have been completed long ago where the Warsaw City council has granted permission. He added that it was a shame that such Anti-Islam problems should arise especially as the building boasts of religious character the mosque which will be built close to the vicinity of the Blue City shopping mall west of the city centre apart from the prayer area  will consist of a library with a multimedia room, art gallery, restaurant, café and shop

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