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345 MB unjustly detained in Egyptian jails
345 MB unjustly detained in Egyptian jails
The latest count has revealed that approximately 345 members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement have been detained in Egyptian jails
Monday, March 15,2010 19:43

 The ruling regime has ordered wide campaigns and house raids hauling in these large numbers. Many members of the movement from governorates from all over Egypt remaining in custody are awaiting investigations, pending verdicts or simply detained under the emergency law which has been implemented for 30 years. Many high ranking leaders are among the detainees including members from the Executive bureau and the Deputy Chairman of the group Dr Mahmoud Ezzat

Defense lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsud has stated in a press statement that many of the detainees have received release orders by prosecutors however they have been defied by officials. The most recent arrests came about as the movement organized protests condemning the Israeli's offences against the Aqsa Mosque
Abdul Maqsud stressed that the continued detention of the group was a violation of the provisions of the Constitution and the law. He demanded that authorities release the detainees and respect the judiciaries' decisions
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