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MB in Jordan call for closing of detainees' cases
MB in Jordan call for closing of detainees' cases
The detention of the IAF's (MB) members in Jordan constituted "a violation of the fundamental principles of human rights
Monday, March 15,2010 10:10

The Islamic Action Front (IAF) leader Dr Hamam Saeed has made an "urgent" appeal demanding the immediate release of the 18 detainees who were arrested recently in Jordan simply for standing in solidarity with the Palestinian cause and in particular the besieged Gazans and the Aqsa Mosque


The detention of the IAF's (MB) members in Jordan constituted "a violation of the fundamental principles of human rights

Detentions were carried out by authorities in an effort to crack down on individuals who dared voice their opinion on current events taking place against the Palestinians. Saeed underscored that  freedom of expression are the simplest of human rights and repressing the citizens rights will only lead to more anger.


 The government's decision to criminalize political expression has been met by much criticism by the opposition who have stressed that the demonstration on the government's part shows clearly that we do not have a democracy and freedom.

The IAF, different movements and trends condemned the arrests stressing that collecting aid for the Palestinians is by no means a crime in fact it is a duty in which we should all participate in.


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