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Dozens of MB arrests in Egypt's provinces
Dozens of MB arrests in Egypt's provinces
High ranking leaders of the group from Giza, Sharqia, Menoufiya, and Dakahliya were among detainees
Friday, March 12,2010 12:40
 Egyptian state security services launched a predawn arrest campaign  against members of the Muslim Brotherhood in a number of governorates; according to figures that have reached "Ikhwanweb" so far, the number of detainees have reached 35 including  high ranking leaders of the group from Giza, Sharqia, Menoufiya, and Dakahliya. 
The arrests came in anticipation of the rallies and demonstrations in the Egyptian governorates after today's Friday prayers in support of Al-Aqsa Mosque' 
The detainees from Giza include prominent figures and a former candidate in the parliamentary election:
Professor Mr. Enzili
Mohamed el-Fiqi
Abdul Nasser Abu Al-Dahab
Akasha Abbad
 Hanafi Abdel Fattah
Ahmad Murad
Rafat Saad
Dr Hossam Shandi
Mohammed Abu al-Qasim
Muhammad Hussain
Khalid Fadl
Ali Jaber
Abdel Karim Abdel-Maksoud
Fathi Abdel-Fattah
From Sharqia detainees include:
 Mr. Abdul Hamid
Dr Amir Bassam
Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Al Yamani
Dr Ismail Ali
Abdul Majeed Abdullah
Abdel-Nasser Abdel-Hamid
Mohammed Abdul Rasul
Monofeya's detainees include:
Abdullah Nehass
Osama Younis
Tareq al-Sharif
Jamal Khalifa
Ahmed Shaheen
Khaled Al-Sawi
Dessouqi Abu Isa
Mohamed Gabr
Sami Usta 
Dakahlia's detainees include:
Ibrahim Saleh
Mohamed Heikal
Awad Mohamed
Saber Abu Zeid
Mohamed Elzematy
Ramadan al-Khatib
Abdul-Fattah Abu Hassan
Adel Abdel-Rahman
Saad Hamad
Today was declared "Rage Day" in support of the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem against the continued aggression and desecration of the holy site. A call was made to unite and express anger and contempt at the Arab and Muslim silence against the Israeli's arrogance after announcing intentions to include the Ibrahimi and Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque as part of the Jewish heritage. 
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