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Mansi: IOA building of settlements is a crime
Mansi: IOA building of settlements is a crime
Despite an alleged construction freeze in the settlements the Israeli occupation's authority plans to continue its construction of 112 housing units in the West Bank amid criticism.
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Wednesday, March 10,2010 13:45

Dr Yousef Mansi, Minister of housing and public works from the Gaza government in a press release, claimed  that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) was breaking all international treaties and agreements and this is evident in its daily confiscation of more Palestinian lands.

Describing the building in West Bank settlements as a crime against the Palestinian land, the minister underscored that the IOA is expanding its settlement activity with American cover. He asserted that the Israeli entity continued to besiege Gaza and prevent the reconstruction of thousands of buildings destroyed by its war machine.

He called on the world community and its institutions to pressure the IOA to halt the building on Palestinian land, and appealed to the Arab League to put the settlement building in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank at the top of the forthcoming Arab summit's agenda.

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