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Erdogan: Palestine's Mosques are Islamic and cannot be part of Israel's heritage
Erdogan: Palestine's Mosques are Islamic and cannot be part of Israel's heritage
Turkish premier Recep Erdogan stressed Sunday that the mosques in occupied Palestine, atop of them the Aqsa Mosque, had never been and would not be part of the Jewish heritage, but rather they were always Islamic holy sites.
Monday, March 8,2010 16:31

“Recently, there were some unilateral Israeli practices which we cannot accept at all,” Erdogan told a delegation of Palestinian journalists in Istanbul.

“We have rejected the Israeli decision regarding the Jewish heritage. They are mosques and cannot be in any way Israeli legacy,” he added.

The Turkish premier also emphasized that the Palestinian issue is a Turkish cause that will never be excluded for one day from his agenda.

“I like you to know well that you have a friend and supporter, that is, Turkey which has always raised its voice at international meetings to support the Palestinian rights, and we will always be ready to act in this way,” the premier said addressing the Palestinian people.

The premier also demanded Israel  end its unjust blockade on the Gaza Strip and to end the humanitarian suffering of its people. “There is a word I want to say very clearly, I am not asking for the ending of the siege on the Gaza Strip because I am Muslim, but my duty as a responsible human being makes me obliged to do so.”

“It is unreasonable that one year after the war on the Gaza Strip, there are five thousand Palestinian families still living in tents,” he stressed

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Brave Fsiekonomi.Multiply.Com
Long live erdogan (the next caliphate?), the brave man from the east!
Tuesday, March 9,2010 04:16
A real Muslim leader Tughlaq
We salute your determination sir. Yo are the leader of Muslim wold. We would like to ask all despotic Arab leaders to drink the U.... of Mr Erdogan. Egyptians should be ashamed to have a jackal for the the last 30 years as president.
Tuesday, March 9,2010 06:29
Erdogan Asad Ahmed
We all should appreciate the emergance of new Turkey. The role of Recep Tayyep Eedogan is fat batter than the Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Zardari of Pakistan
Tuesday, March 9,2010 16:23
Erdogan Must Admit geniocide And Give Back unBias
Stolen lands before his country can give advice, Germany would be a great help for all turks
Wednesday, March 10,2010 04:13
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