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Egypt: University students rise in solidarity with Al-Aqsa
Egypt: University students rise in solidarity with Al-Aqsa
In the Cairo, al-Azhar and Zagazig Universities hundreds of MB students rose up against the submissiveness of the Arab and Muslims feelings which were not met with any official action until now
Thursday, March 4,2010 14:47

Following the Israeli storming of Al-Aqsa mosque, students from Egyptian universities including Cairo, Al-Azhar and Zagazig universities rose up condemning the Israeli practices and Arabs silence towards incidents taking place at the Islamic holy sites  


This came after Israeli Prime Minister; Netanyahu announced the decision to include the Ibrahimi and Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque as part of the Jewish heritage


In the Cairo, al-Azhar and Zagazig Universities hundreds of MB students rose up against the submissiveness of the Arab and Muslims feelings which were not met with any official action until now


This protest was widely supported by other university students who asserted that the Palestinian cause is not only the MB’s alone but it is the whole Arab and Muslim nations’ cause. They appealed to the whole Muslim world to take the necessary action to protect the holy sites


Students held banners calling to end this fierce attack condemning the Arab silence such as “O rulers open the door for jihad”, “dear Palestinians, destroy Tel Aviv” and arm us, prepare us and send us to Palestine


The students stressed that the current events will be repeated for days and it is only a part of the continued Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and their sanctities while the whole world witnesses in silence.


They also pointed out that Arab governments have become a threat to the honorable ones in their countries and abroad, especially to the Palestinian resistance


They called for cutting all ties with the Israeli entity and for the ambassadors’ expulsion from all Arab capitals immediately.


Further, they called on human rights organizations and the United Nations to play an active role in protecting Palestinians and opening the door for public official donations with no restrictions


The protest was followed by a march in which students chanted slogans such as “attacks on Al-Aqsa are severe,, we want a country that declares war”, “Haniyya, Mashaal and Zahhar , you are our hope” and “raise your voice and say it frankly, what is happening is a scandal

In a phone call Hamas leader, Naji Albatta, stressed to Sheikh al-Azhar "The decision to include Al-Haram al-Ibrahimi and the Islamic heritage to the Jewish heritage is a continued violation of the sanctities of the nation and disrespect to the feelings of Muslims


He called on Arab regimes to act immediately to support the holy sites and sanctities of the Arab and Islamic nation, calling on Dr. Tantawy, Sheikh of Al-Azhar to take serious actions to support the case and issue a fatwa "Islamic decree" for all Arab regimes to boycott the Israeli entity politically, and economically


He praised the students' protests saying “such protests bring triumph to the Palestinians and strengthen the resistance and encourage the resistance to continue until the Israeli enemy is conquered Allah willing"



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Students Fsiekonomi.Multiply.Com
Masha Alloh, that\'s so inspiring. Insha Alloh, indonesian students would rise too to support palestine.
Friday, March 5,2010 03:44
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