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Khodeiry: MB represents moderation
Khodeiry: MB represents moderation
Chancellor Mahmoud Khodeiry issued a statement to Ikhwanweb revealing his true feelings towards the MB's senior leaders who were recently arrested on February 8, in a wave of new animosity and bitterness on the ruling regime's part.
Monday, March 1,2010 17:29

The former Vice-President of the Appeals' Court stressed that the arrest of the high-ranking MB leaders by the State Security's apparatus was a "grave mistake," claiming that if combating terrorism was in fact the real reason behind these men's arrest the government is misled. He asserted that such distinguished elements of society were vital in contributing to anti-terrorism, as they were popular and influential figures who adhered to and promoted moderate Islamic views, adding that "if the state wanted to eliminate terrorism, it should give the opportunity to the Muslim Brotherhood who persuade citizens to approach Islam in a tolerant and moderate manner encouraging practices, which are  supposed to be in every home to correct and reform society."

Lawyer Mamdouh Ismail added that it was a patriotic obligation to stand and defend these noble men who added to the country's well-being where they offered services in turn for nothing. He emphasized that the fabricated accusations shed light on the fact that the case was purely political, lacking any credibility aimed at intimidating the members of the Muslim Brotherhood group before the impending Shura and Parliamentary elections.

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